4 Years of #Gruntrepreneur Success: Working with Marine Infantrymen

We recently moved the office from the back room of our house to the converted formal dining room, which is considerably larger. While relocating all the files and equipment, I came across a collection of the logos belonging to Grunt-owned businesses we’ve touched. It’s easy to forget how many we’ve done, especially since I’m just coming on board. In the last 4 years, Kapeesh has worked with almost a dozen Marine infantrymen on logos, websites, and other marketing services. It’s incredible how far we’ve come, and I look forward to taking it so much further.

marine corps infantrymen gruntrepreneur logos

When I left the Marine Corps, I was lost. The culture shock was worse than I ever imagined it would be, and I struggled. As Amy watched and desperately tried to pick me up, she decided that she wanted to help other infantrymen that might be facing the same battle. She began working with the 03XX Foundation and offering discounted services to infantrymen looking to start their own business. To her, if there’s a group that could use a little help, it’s men that went to perform a job that has limited uses once that job is complete.

Marine Infantrymen are some of our favorite clients. Punctuality, communication, reliability, and appreciation are almost a cornerstone of working with Grunts. When dealing with an infantryman, we can pretty much rest assured that we’ll receive clear, on-time instructions and always be able to contact them for questions. Furthermore, they are always extremely appreciative or our work and do a great job of letting us know. It’s always a pleasure working with our #gruntrepreneurs.

It’s been 4 years, but we still have a lifetime of helping the men that decide entrepreneurship is the way for them to go. Looking forward, we hope to extend our offers to infantrymen in the form of mentorships, grants, and any other ways that we can support Grunt-owned businesses.

We encourage you to learn more about our Gruntrepreneur Program for infantry Marines or refer a friend!

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