The Gruntrepreneur Program for Infantry Marines

We’ve worked with some of the best clients over the years. Working with business owners, we’ve shared the joy of ownership and the stresses of starting up.

Entrepreneurship is at the top of the list of the most rewarding, risky, miserable, and enjoyable experiences out there.

Turning a dream into a reality can be tough. It can be tougher for those returning to civilian life after years of being on the front lines of America’s greatest fighting force, the United States Marine Corps.


We’re pleased and honored to announce a marketing and design discount program specifically for Marine Infantry Veterans inspired by The 03XX Foundation.

We’ve proudly worked with Steel Valor Knives, Homefront Kinetics, 3/8 Veterans of Fallujah & Ramadi, 03XX Foundation, Leones Risk Management, Z-Rod Customs, 03 Designs & Apparel, Valkyrie Tactical, ToPerform Kinetic Development, and Arkansas Smoke Eaters F.O.O.L.S. – all grunt-owned businesses and organizations.

This program will offer the following benefits to those who qualify:

FREE Business Card Design*
FREE Social Media Analysis

50% OFF Business Logo Design
50% OFF Starter Web Page Design**
50% OFF 1-Hour Marketing Strategy Consult with Follow-Up Reporting

30% OFF Custom Business T-Shirt or Hat Design*
30% OFF Brand Identity Package Design* (Letterhead, Envelopes, Notepads, Business Cards, etc.)

We’re able to work with any budget outside of these offers, and Kapeesh is happy to put in the time to get any Marine Corps Infantryman’s business off the ground.

If you would like to take advantage of this program or know someone who’s interested, please email Vincent Morales at

Semper Fi,


*Free design does not include printing costs, though we work to find the most affordable, quality printing through our vendors.

**The starter web page is a 1-page design that includes text, graphics, and one contact form. Hosting, domain registration, and additional pages or scripts are extra.

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Very interested in your services, USMC 0311 1/23 bravo co. Served in OEF 11-1 in and around Marjah. I have a hunting outfitter company we just started and would love to see what all you can offer


Hi Cullen,

Thanks for the comment. Our Gruntrepreneur Liaison, Vincent Morales, has sent an email to the address you provided here. Looking forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can help!


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