Scariest Email Marketing Mistakes

10 Of The Scariest Email Marketing Mistakes

As we get closer to Halloween, our need to get creeped-out grows. Haunted houses, scary stories, paranormal television shows… the list goes on. Speaking of lists, check out our list of Nearly 600 Creepy, Awful, and Unnerving Wikipedia Articles. Continue reading

Earn Your Badge: Facebook Response Time Matters!

Page Administrators across Facebook are beginning to see a few new messages when they log into their accounts. We noticed a couple of our social media management clients had the opportunity to earn a new “Very Responsive to Messages” badge back in June, Continue reading

“Kapeesh” Is A Funny Name. What Gives?

Capeesh? Capiche. Capisce? KAPEESH. Our name’s kind of funny. We get it – you want to know what we were thinking. Is it German, Italian, Czech, or something else? And why do we spell it weird on top of that? Well, here’s the story. Hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

The REALmarketing Program for Real Estate Professionals

Our real estate marketing and design program is composed of services specific to a REALTOR®’s needs – from brochures, photography, and listing flyers to professionally-written blog and print articles, we’ve got you covered. Programs are completely customizable. Continue reading

“Get Set” Online Presence & Web Listing Audit

According to, Google now processes 40,000 search queries every second. 16% to 20% of those searches have never been asked before. How important is it to you that when your customer Googles you, you’re there for them? Continue reading

Facebook Offers Free Bluetooth® Beacons to Businesses

Facebook is now taking requests from Business Page admins to reserve BLUETOOTH® beacons that will connect with nearby mobile devices to display customized Facebook Place Tips at the top of users’ news feeds. What does any of this mean? Continue reading

Pivotal Online Marketing Updates: Spring 2015

We’ve been hit by two separate waves of online marketing change in the last month – Google’s “Mobilegeddon” and Facebook’s Algorithm Update. Both of these events impact our clients and other small business owners in ways we’d like to explain below. Continue reading
03-11-2015 Right Way to Offer Freebies

The Right Way to Offer Freebies – Tips for Getting it Right

When I think of “FREE,” I get flashes of angry Black Friday mobs and that inevitable “Sorry, we’re all out,” message. The internet is full of freebies. Some offers seem like scams, while others are legitimately great deals. Continue reading

Step Up Your Game – Get Involved In Your Community!

What are you doing to hold your business to a higher standard? It’s great if you’ve got your local booster club’s sticker in your front shop window, but what are you really doing as a business to stand out? Besides mailing in a check every high school football season, Continue reading

Getting Users to Share Your Content Online

It’s a common belief in the digital marketing world that content like links, videos, and blog posts shared through email and social media sites carry more weight for your brand than paid online ads. Thankfully, GE’s latest study was able to gather data to support that concept. Continue reading

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Your 8-Step Online Marketing Plan

It’s almost 2015. By now, most business owners understand they need some sort of web presence to get noticed by today’s consumer. But many clients we come across are overwhelmed by the different options and have no idea where to begin with their online marketing. Continue reading

Nearly 600 Creepy, Unnerving, Awful, and Scary Wikipedia Articles

Hi there, goblins and ghouls. Let’s take a break from all the marketing and design chatter. Each year in October, I get more interested in all things paranormal or just plain creepy. For the past 3 years, I’ve gone online to find and read a list of about 130 creepy Wiki articles. Continue reading

7 Small Town, Small Business Mistakes

7 Deadly Sins, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 7 Dwarves, 7-Eleven, and now… 7 Small Town, Small Business Mistakes you don’t want to make. 1. Jumping on the bandwagon 2. Being too casual 3. Taking criticism personally 4. Failing to shop around for vendors Continue reading

The Gruntrepreneur Program for Infantry Marines

We’ve worked with some of the best clients over the years. Working with business owners, we’ve shared the joy of ownership and the stresses of starting up. Entrepreneurship is at the top of the list of the most rewarding, risky, miserable, and enjoyable experiences out there. Continue reading